Feed Inventory Control System

Little Bird's patent pending low power, wireless feed inventory control system has been designed to measure feed levels in poultry feed bins in a unique, non intrusive way. Our technology provides integrators, feed mills, and growers feed inventory information and actionable metrics to more efficiently allocate resources in the feed supply-chain. Customers have used our technology to successfully eliminate feed outs, reduce over deliveries, and preemptively solve any scheduling conflicts. See how it works here.


Easy Install

The sensing technology behind the feed inventory control system makes the installation process simple (average 20 minutes per bin). No alteration to the bins, no need for power outlets, electricians, or heavy machinery to move the bin for install.

Accessible Data

With access to the cloud and our web portal/email reports/texts, the feed inventory data is accessible virtually anywhere. Our API enables you to pull the data from the cloud directly into your systems.

No Outlet. No Problem.

Our feed inventory control system is self-powered. Li-Ion batteries and a solar panel make our systems self-sufficient. Thanks to its low power consumption, the system will run reliably, even when light conditions are less than ideal.

Analyze That!

A set of analytic tools are available to take complete advantage of the newly gathered data. Compare feed rates between houses, minimize left over feed at the end of a flock, and eliminate feed outs by scheduling deliveries based on projected empty bin dates.


The feed inventory control system is capable of covering all farm sizes using a local, low-power, wireless technology. Then, a single farm cellular gateway will upload all the locally collected information to the cloud via the cellular network.


With Little Bird's feed inventory system you can improve:

  • Feed outs. Knowing how much feed is left will allow better/prioritized delivery.
  • Inventory control. Know/confirm how much feed is delivered.
  • Flock performance. High value data such as feed rates can help you determine how the flock is progressing.
  • Predict. Save. Our feed inventory system can help you minimize feed pick up at the end of the flock.


See your flock's progress graphically.

  • See feed rates and overall progress.
  • Discover potential issues with your feeding system (non-functional augers) before they affect your flock.
  • Plan future deliveries to minimize truck dispatch.


Accessing your feed inventory information is easy. Use your favorite smart device to access your own dedicated web portal. The web portal shows you the latest readings, current performance, and can help you visualize the data more easily. Additionally, you can have:

  • Text messages sent directly to your cell phone for latest readings and alerts.
  • Email reports automatically generated with the latest information and sent to you at any time during the day.
  • An API to help you integrate and automate internal processes in your company using the latest feed information.

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