IoT Systems

Little Bird Systems specializes in battery powered sensor systems for the industrial Internet of Things. We create technology to survive outdoors and in harsh industrial environments.

Little Bird has the expertise to take your IoT needs from concept to a reality.

Already have a prototype working in the laboratory? Great! We can take your design, package it for long-term deployment, and get it ready for mass production.

Are you starting from scratch? Little Bird can build it right from the start and get you to market quickly. We start by learning about your project’s needs, asking the questions necessary to ensure your product meets the requirements of your application. Little Bird will create a complete custom solution using low-power devices and creating the path to get your data collected and onto the cloud.


Little Birds creates sensing systems that withstand harsh environments (rain, snow, direct sun light) with reliable, low-power consumption. Your data can be securely and effectively collected by our hardware and transmitted to the cloud. We specialize in:

  • Circuit design
  • PCB design
  • Sensor integration
  • Embedded Systems
  • Housing design
  • Local and wide area wireless network communications
  • Pre-certification for EMI FCC class B requirements

Software & Firmware

Little Bird offers microcontroller firmware programming to collect, process, and respond to your data in real-time. For complex processing and data visualization, applications can be developed and deployed on PC, web, or mobile devices.

  • Sample of software we use:
    • C, C++ for firmware
    • C#, C++, Python for desktop and app design
  • Existing platforms we also support:
    • Arduino
    • Raspberry Pi


Using the cloud, LBS leverages the power of cloud by moving computing intensive processes as well as to create targeted notifications to keep customer notified of the latest events with their IoT environments.

Housing Design

Does your application need to function outdoors or in a harsh industrial environment? Little Bird can design packaging solutions that allow your sensors to interface with the environment while keeping the sensitive components protected. Energy harvesting solutions such as solar charging can be integrated directly into the system housing.

Machine Learning

Little Bird can get your machine learning models off the PC and onto the edge using embedded systems. We can translate complex trained model from high level languages and software packages to C code that can be deployed on your microcontroller. This allows your deployed systems to respond and react to your data as quickly as possible.