Custom Electronics for the Industrial Internet of Things

We offer RF product development for custom solutions and engineering services to support your application. Customer-driven innovation enables us to give you the optimal RF product to meet your needs. We love dreaming up solutions to your problems!

Available Now! Mini Clip-on Current Sensor

A rugged, non-intrusive current sensor. +/- 6A Measurement, 0-5V Output.

Custom Low Power Solution Development

Custom development of low power electronic solutions for the industrial internet of things.

Feed Level Monitoring – Coming Soon

Little Bird is proud to announce the upcoming release of our feed level monitoring system. This sensor system measures the weight of grain in a feed silo by applying a mechanical vibration and analyzing the vibration response. The information is transferred through a cellular connected gateway to our online portal. This solution is a fraction of the cost of competing technology such as load cells.
Why Little Bird Systems?

Our passion is to deliver solutions that improve the lives of our customers.

Little Birds Systems was founded in April 2012. We develop innovative embedded wireless sensing, wireless monitoring, remote data logging, and wireless control products for industrial and consumer electronics applications.

Little Bird Systems has expertise in the following technologies:

  • Point to point embedded wireless
  • RF network connectivity
  • End user software interface
  • Product enclosure design


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